Christmas and New Year Collection Exhibition

designed by the Chairman of HIYA, Mr Man-ling Cheung, and members of HIYA, Hilde Mertens and Jasmin. By adding Christmas and New Year elements to the exhibition, HIYA would like to present you an exhibition with the combination of festive atmosphere and artistic fusion, to farewell 2020 and welcome 2021.

Essential Calligraphy Techniques of the Northern Wei Dynasty

Without the influence of Northern Wei calligraphy, the regal, elegant, vigorous, and strait Tang Kai style may never exist.  Without the existence of Northern Wei calligraphy, we may never get to see the dignified strokes, rigorous structure, and the grandeur from great calligraphers like Ouyang Xun, Chu Suiliang, Li Yong, and Yen Chen-ching.

Mount Painting workshop

Our workshop has invited a world renowned expert in antique restoration to teach various techniques on how to mount paintings. Participants of the workshop will learn the basic skills of mounting their own paintings. These exercises will  further enhance their understanding of art creation. 

“Million Dollar Potato” Sale Ceremony

A miracle in Pandemic! HKD1.5 million worth Potato Artwork Project was sold! It is an Artwork, as well as a guaranteed return investment. The unique "Value-Added Program" by Art Box offers an annual value appreciation of 5% guarantee return to the collector.


An old tale tells the story of a little girl fascinated by her teacher’s stockings. The little girl couldn’t stop touching her teacher’s legs, until she got punished.

A dialogue between "seeing and hearing"

What happens when visual artists and professional musicians explore impromptu art together


Yukio Chiduri improvises on the Japanese silent movie "Isu Dancers"


Yukio Chiduri, a well-renowned Sakuhachi artist, moves the audience into a standing ovation, improvising on a silent movie


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