On 28 November 2020, renowned artist and calligrapher Mr. Wong Pui Kong conducted a workshop in Art Box titled  “Essential Calligraphy Techniques of the Northern Wei Dynasty”.  During the workshop, Mr. Wong explained the concept as well as demonstrated the techniques of how to rotate, finesse, twist and turn a brush pen.  Mr. Wong showed the methods to quickly capture the basics of the Northern Wei calligraphy.  He pointed out that once you grasp the basics, you can start imitating any type of calligraphic copy books, and gradually build your own style.


Without the influence of Northern Wei calligraphy, the regal, elegant, vigorous, and strait Tang Kai style may never exist.  Without the existence of Northern Wei calligraphy, we may never get to see the dignified strokes, rigorous structure, and the grandeur from great calligraphers like Ouyang Xun, Chu Suiliang, Li Yong, and Yen Chen-ching.