“Art Box Gate” is an Indian antique door frame collected by Art Box. Indian doors are typically small in dimensions, with exquisitely carved frames. Handcrafted, original, ingenuous, and beautifully constructed.A pair of matching Feng Shui Pillars.  Each pillar was made of solid wood, with well-built base, and etched with elaborate patterns.All evidences suggest that “Art Box Gate” was once the main gate of an Indian mansion.


   「 Gate Dimension 」

Inner Frame:186cm*99cm

Outer Frame:220cm*150cm

Artwork Requirements:

The artwork must center around the Art Box Gate.  The contestants are free to choose their own theme.  But they must submit an outline of the artwork that includes the following:

  1. Size (in cm), materials needed, design sketch, and construction method;

  2. A description (at least 200 words) on the creative ideas behind the artwork.


Note: a) winners of the contest are required to help promote their artworks in future exhibitions,

          b) winners of the contest must prepare their own materials for the artwork

Contest Entry Requirements

16 years or older.


Judging Criteria

Creativity 60%, Skill 20%, Content 20%.

Awards and Honors

1、Cash Awards:

     First Prize $1500、Second Prize$1000、Third Prize$800;

2、Prize Certificate;

3、Personal Stamp and Poster;

4、A month long exhibition of artworks in Art Box gallery;

5、Art works will be displayed in annual HKIYA exhibitions。


* Award Ceremony and Exhibition Site:  Art Box Studio.


Contest Registration Steps
1、Fill out the application in the following web page:


2、Pay admission fees:

     2.1Crossed Check:  Mail in or personally deliver the check to HIYA.   Make the check payable to “Prince Art Auction Company Limited”.  Make sure to put your name and telephone number on the back of the check.。
     2.2Electronic Transfer:  Deposit the admission fee to Nanyang Commercial Bank HKIYA Account “043-492000-9615-7”.  Please retain the receipt of your deposit (make sure you fill out your name and telephone number).  The receipt must clearly show the date and the amount you paid to the HIYA account。

3、Email the outline of your artwork and the proof of admission fee you paid to  Info@hkiyas.com.  The registration is considered successful only if HKIYA received these two items, along with the application.:Info@hkiyas.com

Admission Fee

HIYA will donate all admission fees received to local charities.

Implementation Site

Art Box, Factory B, 24/F, Golden Dragon Industrial Centre Block 4,

182-190 Tai Lin Pai Road Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong


For more information
Call or WhatsApp: +852 9062 1702

Main sponsor: Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society (HIYA)

Co-sponsor: Art Box Gallery

 Important Information about This Contest
1、This contest is sponsored by Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society and the Art Box Gallery (collectively called the sponsors from here on).
2、All contestants must follow the rules and regulation of this contest.
3、All artworks submitted must comply to the rules and laws established by your country.  The author of the artwork is solely responsible for its content.  The sponsors have nothing to do with it.
4、The sponsors shall own the copy right of all submitted artworks. The sponsors shall have the right to manage and dispatch them.
5、Art works from all contestants must center around the Art Box Gate.  During the implantation and exhibition phases, the contestants should be extra careful not to damage or soil the Art Box Gate.  HIYA reserve the right to take legal actions against people who cause damage to the Art Box Gate.
6、All contestants must accept the results decided by the judges.
7、If the sponsors fail to communicate with a contestant due to incorrect information provided in his/her registration, the sponsor shall pay no compensation.
8、The sponsors have the right to change the rules and regulations of this contest if unforeseen circumstances arise.  
9、In case of dispute between the contestants and the sponsors, the sponsors shall have all the right of interpretations.
10、The laws established by the government shall have precedence over the rules and regulations of this contest.