Welcome to HIYA!

As a group of enthusiastic professional artists and art lovers we have launched HIYAfor everyone in Hong Kong, whatever age, culture or nationality, to come and explore with us many forms of art and creative expression. Our goal is to bring a wealth of cultural and artistic experiences such as art exhibitions, music, performing arts and lectures from some of the most internationally renowned speakers to anyone in Hong Kong who loves art.
We would love to welcome you as our member!

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Message from our Founders
Feel inspired – Experience – Engage
We believe that art and all forms of creative expression are deeply woven into every culture and society. From the beginning of times, people have created art and symbols to express themselves and to share what is important to them and their societies. We believe that, now more than ever, any form of artistic and creative expression adds tremendous value to our personal and social identities. We also believe that everyone can be creative to a certain extend.
We have launched the nonprofit Hong Kong International Youth Artists Society, as a forum where artists and art lovers can meet and get inspired. Our goal is to make HIYA THE place in Hong Kong to help build great artists. 


Manling Cheung, Chairman

Manling has been a visual arts educator and professional artist for many years. His work expresses elements of eternity to evoke thoughts on the origin of life, our human existence, and the uniqueness of human sexual and intimate relationships. Manling is an active and enthusiastic promoter of many forms of creativity and has been involved in establishing many local artist associations and art events.